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5 Tips for Choosing Server Admins & Mods

Discord and other communication tools are great at what they do, but people can always present problems. If you are expanding your Discord server and need some additional server admins or mods, it can be a bit nerve-wracking to appoint someone that you trust. The wrong person can sabotage the server from within, and no one wants that to happen. In this blog, you’ll learn how to properly vet someone for a role in your server, and the best ways to put them to use.

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Welcome to Discover Discord!


Hello everyone – gamers, mega-fans, and collaborators. Welcome to Discover Discord, a new website aimed at helping you to maximize your use of Discord. If you’re coming here from our sister site,, then we would like to extend a special thank you for giving our new site a chance. We hope to be able to provide great information and hear your feedback. Whether you’re new to Discord or a veteran, we want to be a resource.

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