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Server Highlight: 95 Degrees

95 Degrees is a server of chill people that love to chat about anything and everything. They are focused on genuine conversation rather than constant memes, which may be refreshing for many denizens of the internet.

What is 95 Degrees All About?

95 Degrees was started by Nath, whose Discord videos we featured in the past. He created it in mid 2016, as a place that he and all of his online friends could gather, instead of being scattered across multiple other communication apps.

The idea was to create the feeling of a relaxed cafe. Nath searched for names of cafes, and came across 95 Degrees, which stuck. The origin of the name inspires the feel of the entire server.

The server has a “quality over quantity” mentality, and the members all know each other well. The server is like one big family!

Server Events

95 Degrees runs plenty of events. In additional to regular video game and movie nights, the server also does something a bit more unique: a podcast! The podcast is recorded in a voice channel where server members are guests on the show. The podcast covers news from the past month as well as debating age-old questions such as “ninjas or pirates?” and playing Would You Rather?. All of the episodes are available on YouTube and iTunes.

There is also a server currency that is earned by participating in text channels, and can be spent on a lottery that is run twice a week.

Server Organization

While most servers have a large variety of channels, 95 Degrees focuses on one single channel. The #cafe channel is the primary channel for conversation about just about anything. There is also an #off-topic channel for other conversations, and some other miscellaneous channels. The different roles are categorized just like a coffee shop, with Manager, Assistant, a crew of Baristas, Customers, and other roles based on drink sizes (trenta, venti, grande, tall, short).

95 Degrees loves using Discord because it can be used on a variety of platforms. Additionally, it is incredibly flexible and lets the server try new things. A high quality voice chat also lets 95 Degrees record their podcast. Between all of these benefits, Discord is the obvious choice for platform.


95 Degrees is always welcoming new members, who are excited to have real conversations about anything! Come join this community, that is unique in having its own podcast, today!


(This is part of a series of editorial articles featuring some of the interesting servers that use If you want your server to be written about, please make the request to Masonzero in the or Discover Discord servers. I will do the best I can to make sure everyone gets a fair chance at an article, but please understand that we may not get to everyone right away.)

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      Hey, feel free to send me a message on Discord, and I’ll be happy to send out questions to you. Thanks.

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