Server Highlight: Green Day


Don’t be an American Idiot. Don’t be in the Minority. If you are a fan of the long-running punk rock band Green Day, check out the Green Day Discord server today!

What is the Green Day Server All About?

The Green Day Discord server is all about the punk rock band Green Day. If you don’t know who Green Day are, you must be a Basket Case (Okay, I promise, no more Green Day song references). This community is an extension of r/greenday on Reddit, and has expanded to Discord. It is for fans of the band to discuss the band, their music, and interact with like-minded people. Anyone is welcome, whether you just know the band’s latest single or have been a fan since 39/Smooth.

What stands out the most about the Green Day server is the openness and acceptance from the members. The main rule is one that embodies the band’s ethos. “No racism, sexism, homophobia, or hateful comments of any kind.” The server really is an inclusive environment. Even users that come in and break this cardinal rule get a warning, then come back as the biggest advocates for the rule. This idea of safety and trust has allowed members to open up about their lives and open their minds to things like LGBTQ+ and mental illness issues.

One of the most ambitious projects that the server is working on is to cover a song from every Green Day album. The Green Day Cover Project calls upon community members to vote on the song and musicians to record each song. This is all based on submissions, and there is a server channel dedicated to it. They are a few songs into the project, and they sound very well recorded and performed!

Server Events

The Green Day Discord server was actually started because the subreddit was looking for a live chat platform to have weekend trivia contests on. The server quickly became active beyond just this purpose, and is now very active. They still run contests, including trivia, scavenger hunts, guess the song, and more. You can also expect game or movie nights every two weeks. Thanks to advertising through, the server has been able to expand to people outside of the subreddit. Keep an eye out for a new contest when the server reaches 1000 members!

Server Organization

There is one role within the server, called Drama Queens. This is made up of the top 30 members based on experience points tallied by the Tatsumaki bot. The XP is gained by being active, which encourages users to chat with others frequently. The server is lightweight in terms of channels. It features just four discussion channels, four update/news channels, and three voice channels for talking and listening to music.

The Green Day server chose Discord as their platform because of its ease of use and bevy of features. They like Discord’s great mod tools and great mod bots. Every other platform was missing something critical, but Discord fills the void.


If you want to get moshing, discuss one of the most legendary punk rock bands in the world, and meet like-minded fans, go ahead and join the Green Day Discord server today! And be sure to join the r/greenday subreddit if you use Reddit.

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