Server Highlight: Official YouTube Creator’s

The YouTube environment is always changing, and getting harder for small creators to gain a foothold. The Discord server Official YouTube Creator’s aims to give these up-and-coming YouTubers a chance to get an audience.

What is Official YouTube Creator’s All About?

The content creation world has been difficult recently. If you spend a lot of time watching YouTubers, you know this is true! Official YouTube Creator’s was made in response to the platform’s changes to their Partner Program. There is a need for small YouTubers to work harder to gain an audience. This Discord server aims to ease that process along. In this server, creators can post their channels and videos so the community can check them out. Also, users just looking for new channels to discover can browse at their leisure. While the big YouTubers are obviously big for a reason, there are a lot of people out there who want to discover the next great content creator!

The community in this server is friendly and supportive. After all, it’s all about helping others and getting helped in return.

Server Organization

The server has a variety of channels that help support small YouTubers. The #Advertisements channel is for posting links to YouTube channels. And the #Recommended channel is where the server owner posts videos that he likes from the users posting their content. This helps users who don’t feel like scouring through all the postings to have a curated list of the best content. In the spirit of helping small creators, there are server channels dedicated to tips and other useful strategies for making your channel better and gaining good subscribers. Everything is easy to find and understandable.

The server uses Discord because of its ease of use and its security settings. It is going to remain on Discord for the foreseeable future.


Official YouTube Creator’s is all about supporting new YouTubers, which is a noble cause in the current YouTube environment. If you want to help support the up-and-comers or grow your own channel, check out the Official YouTube Creator’s Discord server today!


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