Server Highlight: DIY Tech

The name of DIY Tech says it all! This Discord server is all about doing tech the DIY way. If you want to work on personal projects and get help from a supportive group, you’ve found your next favorite server!

What is DIY Tech All About?

DIY Tech is a dedicated server for DIY, technology, programming, and gaming communities. They cover a lot of ground, but the main focus is on sharing and providing assistance on DIY projects and programming. The server was started with the goal of providing a constructive place for tech enthusiasts. It helps them meet, learn, and help each out. Not to mention, DIY Tech is a place where you can show off your latest awesome project!

Anyone 13 or older is welcome in the server. The members range from casual hobbyists all the way up to full-time developers! This means that when you ask for help, you will get so many different experience levels and unique perspectives. And it’s much better than just searching for the answer online. Waiting around for message-board replies can get boring, and Discord allows for instant responses to your questions.

Users are dedicated and reliable, and always willing to help. This is a supportive community full of experts who are happy to assist you in finishing your projects. When you’re stuck on something, this is the place to go.

Server Events

The server has currently had an art contest, and they plan on introducing a lot more contests and giveaways in the near future! So stay tuned for that. DIY Tech has also launched a monthly Informational Security review roundup. The show is all about cybersecurity and infosec. In this first episode, the hosts will recap the cybersecurity trends and news from 2017, and aim to better understand what is to come in 2018.

Server Organization

The DIY Tech server is organized by subject, from general tech to programming. The server has a companion subreddit to help facilitate conversation. In terms of roles, users can self-assign roles based on what their interests are. This helps keep people organized and easy to identify. The server also has bots that facilitate engagement and socialization.


If do-it-yourself technology is your interest then be sure to stop on by the DIY Tech Discord Server. This is the best place to go if you are working on some projects and need that extra help to get it done! See you there.


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