Server Highlight: GayDayz

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GayDayz is a highly active LGBT+ Discord community focused on making friends, playing games, and sharing spicy memes! It has been a long-standing community, made stronger by the power of Discord.

What is GayDayz All About?

GayDayz started over 12 years ago on a now-extinct webcam website, with a group of friends looking for a medium to come together and have a good time. Since then, the community has evolved and changed platforms. Over the years, the core message stayed the same. The server is focused on getting together, playing video games, and having a great time.

The server is open to anyone who is 16 or over, but is focused on being an LGBT-friendly community.

Server Events

There are new events every week! Server members engage in karaoke, Pictionary, Overwatch and League of Legends, logic puzzles, Cards Against Humanity, and more. And there will always be people around to play video games with, and the server boasts active Overwatch, League of Legends, Splatoon, and Minecraft communities.

You will never run out of anything to do in GayDayz!

Server Organization

The GayDayz server isn’t focused on one topic in particular, so it has a ton of channels for discussing various specific topics. From gaming, to anime, to memes and more, you will never run out of anything to talk about here.

Discord was chosen because of its ease of use and range of customizable features. Previously, GayDayz used Skype. In just one evening, they migrated everything and everyone over to Discord. Roles and tags help members stay organized in the server.


GayDayz will provide you with a server to call home, for sure. Whether you need an LGBT-friendly community, or are just looking for a group of fast friends to game with, the GayDayz Discord server has something for you!


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