Server Highlight: Socially Awkward

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Are you socially awkward? Then maybe it’s time to get social in a safe and welcoming Discord community. Welcome to the Socially Awkward family, where the denizens of the internet can stay in and make friends in the way they are comfortable.

What is Socially Awkward All About?

Socially awkward is for people looking for friends, but who are maybe too socially awkward to do so. The server was created because the server owner didn’t feel like the servers they were in really fit their personality. It was created in spring of 2017, with the intention of letting people make online friends.

Anyone who is over 13 and follows the server rules is welcome to join. This is a server made for people to be friendly, so everyone will welcome newcomers with open arms! This a place where you can be yourself, express your creativity, and make friends because of it.

Server Events


Being socially awkward does not mean that nothing happens. Socially Awkward has group movie nights regularly. Members get to vote ahead of time, from movies in a certain category like Marvel or horror. These are fun ways to get together and relax. Everyone loves watching movies, and they are always better with friends! The server also does giveaways on occasion.

Server Organization

Because Socially Awkward is not necessarily about anything in particular, there are a large variety of channels. You can come here to talk about games, anime, books, music, and even politics and current events if you want to. There are a lot of channels dedicated to rules, announcements, and updates, so server users are always up to date on what’s happening.

There are a huge variety of self-assignable roles, including gaming, anime, art, and more. You can also give yourself flair for specific games. This all makes the server extremely customizable and lets server members find others that share their interests. Users gain experience points by posting in the server itself, and gain roles accordingly.


If you consider yourself socially awkward, then join the Socially Awkward Discord server today! You are guaranteed to make friends, have great conversations, and generally enjoy yourself here.


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