Server Highlight: Code Monkeys

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Code Monkeys is a haven for fans of programming everywhere. This Discord server is an informal hangout for programmers both new and experienced!

What is Code Monkeys All About?

Code Monkeys was created out of a need for a more casual place to discuss programming, and to provide a friendlier alternative to the unofficial Discord API server. Other forums like Reddit and Stack Overflow were sometimes less than enthusiastic about “stupid questions”. This server is a place where anyone can ask those kinds of questions. These are people who are always willing to lend a hand.

The current members do expect newcomers to have a basic grasp on how coding works. The questions asked here should be more niche questions that are harder to just look up. You won’t be spoon-fed answers here. But you will have a excellent support network to help hone your skills!

Server Events

Code Monkeys has recently partnered with the Python Discord server in the hopes of starting great new activities like codewars, game jams, and other competitions. Keep an eye out for these awesome upcoming events. Things like game jams often produce fantastic results. Be sure to check out the Code Monkeys Game Jam happening in April 2018.

Server Organization

In the early days of the Code Monkeys server, there were channels dedicated to individual programming languages. As time went on, however, there was more demand for more languages, which would have resulted in a lot of channels! The current organization method is based on categories rather than individual languages. These include web-frontend, web-backend, software, mobile, and game-dev. This organization method better suits the server members, and ensures quick answers for specific questions. The server also has channels for other tech topics, including computers, math, and even gaming. Whether it’s a particular language or a tech topic, you will find other passionate people here.


What really sets Code Monkeys apart is the friendly atmosphere. This is a community that wants to see its members succeed in tech and programming. So, if you are an excited newcomer to code, or an industry veteran, and want to have your niche or silly questions answered, come check out the Code Monkeys Discord Server today!


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