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Server Highlight: Coffee or Tea?

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Coffee or Tea? asks a simple question. Do you like coffee, or do you like tea? It’s light-hearted subjects like this that define this friendly Discord server! Learn all about them here, and consider joining!

What is Coffee or Tea All About?

Welcome to the cafe. That’s what this whole server is about, going down to the local cafe to grab a drink (of coffee or tea!) with your friends and acquaintances. It’s a place where you can just relax, take a breather, and talk about whatever you want. The idea of Coffee or Tea? is to be a friendly, casual place to just hang out. The server is more focused on the community aspect than a particular topic, although the server certainly talks about things like gaming. The community prides itself on feeling more like a family than just a collection of internet users. Life-long friendships have formed from this server, and many users have met up in real life! This is the true sign of a community built on friendship and trust. The family joke goes even further, as there is a family tree kept up.

But don’t worry, this is a tight-knit family, yet an always-open one. Coffee or Tea? is always happy to see newcomers, welcoming them as if they have always been part of the community.

Server Events

As far as events, Coffee or Tea? hosts a weekly podcast on Twitch, every Sunday morning. This podcast serves to talk about new community events and competitions, as well as karaoke! The server’s record for a karaoke event was a 33 and a half hour marathon, made possible by the dedicated server members! Contests come up every now and then, including drawing, literature, and selfie contests. These are fun activities that give out special server flair in the form of rank colors.

The server also has some off-Discord interaction, such as a Snapchat and Instagram group. Sometimes they host movie nights on

Server Organization

Members start off as Guests in the cafe but can rank up to Customers and Regulars, and even further roles. This is all tracked through the Tatsumaki bot, which ranks based off of interactions in the server. Admins are Shopkeepers, and make sure the cafe experience is great for everyone!

Lastly, Coffee or Tea? is welcome to all ages, and is very SFW. This is a point of pride and results in an age-diverse community full of respectful users.


If you’re interested in joining the “comfiest of Discord servers”, check out the Coffee or Tea? server page on They will be happy to have you in their community!

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