What You Need to Know About the Discord Spotify Integration

Discord recently opened up an integration with Spotify, letting you see what your friends are listening to, and more. This Discord Spotify connection is a great way to integrate your gaming with your music listening. Music has always been part of the gaming experience, and this helps you weave those together. Read on to see how you can get the most out of this integration.

Profile Display

Firstly, when you connect your Spotify account to Discord, your Spotify info will be displayed on your mini and full profiles. If you are currently listening on Spotify, these profiles will show the song information for whatever you are listening to. It will also give the option to play that song on your own Spotify, and even to listen along with you if the listeners have Spotify Premium.

Discord Spotify Connection


Like most app connections in Discord, connecting Spotify and Discord is simple. Go to your Discord user settings, and click on Connections. This is where you can see all of your app connections. Spotify will be one of the options for apps that you can connect. Once you click on it, just confirm that you are okay with the permissions, and you will find Spotify on your list of connected accounts. Discord actually gives you the option of how much you share with your friends. You can toggle on or off Spotify showing up in your profile, and showing up as your status.

Invite Your Squadmates


As long as your friends have Spotify Premium, they can join you in listening to music. While you are listening to Spotify, click the + next to the message box in a private or channel chat, and you will see an option to invite that user to listen with you. You will be able to see a preview of your message, and even add in a custom comment. The other user will see what song you’re listening to, and be able to join you. If they try to accept the invitation and they don’t have Premium, they will receive an error message, so make sure your friend has it, first! If you listen along with someone who has Spotify Free, you will hear silence when they have ads playing.

You can also see who is listening with you, and how many people are listening. As a bonus, the link is dynamic, meaning that the invite will always show what is playing, and will always be available.

Legal Features

If you are actively using your mic in voice chat for more than 30 seconds straight, Spotify will automatically stop playing. You will get a red error bar, so that you don’t get confused. To avoid this auto-pause feature, use Push-To-Talk rather than keeping your mic always on. This is actually not a feature entirely created out of convenience. Since Spotify is intended for person and private use, this helps Discord stay out of hot water. Otherwise, there is the chance that a user could transmit audio from Spotify continuously into a server.

Final Thoughts

The Discord Spotify integration is a nice addition that helps pull together more applications. However, this does not bring anything too revolutionary to the table. Long ago, Spotify integrated with Facebook, so that the songs you listened to would show up in the scrolling feed of activity that Facebook had at the time. That no longer exists, so the connection between these two apps only matters when creating a Spotify account. Only time will tell if the Discord Spotify connection works better than the Facebook connection. The relationship between gaming and music is a close one, and this only strengthens the relationship. It also lets you interact with friends whether you’re in-game or not. Overall, this is a useful app integration, and may actually see some use!

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