The Markiplier Discord Server and His Quest to Break it

Stressing your system is always a good idea. See how much your PC can handle, use white hat hackers to test your company’s security, that kind of thing. Well, Discord recently got a free stress test thanks to popular YouTube gamer and entertainer Markiplier. Whether it was a social experiment, a funny way to make some video content, or just a way to engage with fans, the Markiplier Discord server is a chaotic place full of jokes, spam, and highly interactive fans.

Markiplier Starts a Discord Server

It all started on February 6, 2018, when Markiplier posted a Tweet inviting followers to his new official Markiplier Discord server. He also posted an update on Facebook and YouTube. This is a man with 19 million YouTube subscribers, 10 million Twitter followers, and 3 million Facebook likes. So you can imagine that a lot of people piled in to the server to cause general havoc. What ensued was pure insanity. Not even Markiplier himself was aware of the scale of chaos that he was bringing to Discord.


The Outages

Mere hours later, Markiplier posted a follow-up Tweet. The server, known as Markiplier Manor, was broken. He even called upon Discord to fix it. Two days later, he opened up another invitation to the server, and only 10 minutes later, another server outage occurred. Discord said they were on it, but it’s uncertain what, if anything, they did to get the server back up and running, or if there was just too much traffic. It is unknown what exactly Discord can handle at one time.

Server Organization

Whereas most servers are well-organized, with a channel for everything important, the Markiplier Discord server lets things be a little more free flowing. Going off of the “Markiplier Manor” theme, all of the channels are named after rooms that may be found in a house. When you join the server, you land in “your-neighbors-unfinished-basement”, which is a flurry of messages. Rules are appropriately posted on “the-fridge”, which are pretty standard rules, discouraging things such as hate speech and spam. All of these rooms have developed their own identity and usage as time goes on.


Mark also uses the Mee6 bot to generate ranks. Each minute that you post a message, you will receive XP, and the bot’s website features a leaderboard. This has no real purpose, but is a fun way to keep fans engaged with the server and have some friendly competition.

The Screaming Room

The Screaming Room is the greatest abomination of the entire server. While only open for a brief amount of time, it was a voice channel that Markiplier encouraged fans to use to vent their frustrations and scream as loudly as possible. What emerged was a cacophony of noise the likes of which the world has never known. It’s possible that this excessive voice channel use was one of the causes of the multiple crashes.


In the wake of all of this chaos, Markiplier made a video about his brief experience with a public Discord server. This video exemplifies the ridiculousness of the whole situation, and the willingness of the online community to cause chaos. This is actually a great lesson in why Discord’s security settings are so important. If this was the chaos that fans could cause, imagine what a malicious group or spam bot could do.

This definitely goes to show that large servers still put a strain on Discord’s resources. In their February 1, 2018 update, they mentioned that large servers should be performing better. This was in response to the widespread use of the Fortnite server. However, it does not seem like it helped in Markiplier’s server, and it will be interesting to see if Discord devotes additional time to improving the reliability and uptime of large servers like these.

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