Become a Discord Power User with Shortcuts

Discord is the premier communications tool for gamers and non-gamers alike. But how can you take your game to the next level and become a Discord power user? Today we’re going to be looking at keyboard shortcuts and other Discord power user tips.

How to Access Keyboard Shortcuts

You may not even be aware of keyboard shortcuts. This is because you actually have to use a keyboard shortcut to access the list! Tricky tricky. Go ahead and use ‘CTRL’ + ‘/’ in order to access this list, and you will be given a comprehensive list of shortcuts. While we will list them here, we will also talk about some of them specifically.


Navigation Controls

Discord includes some basic navigation controls. ‘CTRL’ + ‘ALT’ with an up and down arrow key will scroll between your servers. Similarly, dropping the ‘CTRL’ will scroll between channels within the selected server. If you want to access new messages even easier, use ‘ALT’ + ‘SHIFT’ and the arrows to scroll only between channels that contain unread messages. This could save a lot of time when you are trying to clear out notifications and find new messages. To refine your search even further, add ‘CTRL’ back to that recipe and you will only scroll through channels in which you have an unread mention.

Sometimes you just don’t even want to spend the time scrolling through channels to make messages unread. In that case, you can mark a channel as read by pressing ‘ESC’ and mark an entire server as read by pressing ‘SHIFT’ + ‘ESC’. Harsh, but necessary if you are part of a server you don’t care that much about.

Some other minor but useful shortcuts include toggling between previous server and direct messages by pressing ‘CTRL’ + ‘ALT’ + right arrow and creating or joining a new server with ‘CTRL’ + ‘SHIFT’ + ‘N’.

Other Useful Shortcuts

Some of the other shortcuts may not see much use, but some could be quite useful.

You can toggle mute an deafen in voice chat with ‘CTRL’ + ‘SHIFT’ + ‘M’ or ‘D’, respectively. Also answer an incoming call with ‘CTRL’ + ‘ENTER’. Decline by pressing ‘ESC’.

Much like in some other Windows applications, ‘CTRL’ + ‘F’ will search the channel that you’re currently in, so you can dig for old messages.

While not mentioned in the above graphic, a useful tool for remembering messages is if you use ‘CTRL’ + ‘ALT’ and left click on a message. This will mark the selected message and all messages below it as unread. This is perfect for when you see an important message before you go to sleep, and want to make sure you remember to follow up in the morning.

Most importantly of all, you can press ‘H’, ‘H’, right arrow, ‘N’, and ‘K’ in sequence to start RAGING DEMON, which is probably the most important tool for any Discord power user.

Streamer Mode


Streamer mode is a great tool for Discord power users who also find themselves doing a lot of livestreaming. It can be accessed through the user settings, and enabling it will help you stay safe during livestreams. You can tweak settings so that Discord will automatically hide email addresses, server invite codes, and desktop notifications when you have OBS or XSplit open. This can be an essential feature for anyone trying to play it safe online.

Streamer mode also lets you download custom Discord overlays for both OBS and XSplit, meaning you can seamlessly integrate the Discord with these programs. Become even more of a Discord power user by integrating apps like Twitch and Patreon while streaming.

Optimize Your Server

If you create your own Discord servers, there are a number of ways you can maximize their usefulness.

Firstly you will want to make sure you set up a lot of Discord channels that will be essential. While every server needs a General channel, don’t forget to include a channel for people to get server information and rules. Additionally, leave a place for users to discuss aspects of whatever interest or activity your server covers. If you’re a gaming server, dedicate some voice channels for squads. Having these channels will make your server run smoother if a big rush of people come in.

Speaking of people joining your server, those people can get pretty crazy. That’s why you need a solid team of admins and mods to keep the peace. You won’t be able to manage your server by yourself if it grows. Identify active and trustworthy community members to help you with your server, and you will have more free time to work on more important things.

Customizing Permissions

Within your server, you can set up a series of extremely specific roles and very specific permissions.

Within your server settings, select the roles menu. When you add a role, you can give it a custom name, choose a color to represent it, and set options for that role. You can set up general permissions from here. After this, simply select a member from your members list and assign them to one of your roles.

Within channel permissions, you can block off certain channels from some people. By default, every channel is set to everyone, but this can be changed to certain roles. There are a number of settings to keep servers locked down, including deciding whether you want instant invites available. Experiment with these settings based on how you need manage your server. Some servers will need more strict settings than others.


Now you’re a certified Discord power user! Between these keyboard shortcuts and quick tips, you will be using Discord more efficiently than all of your friends. Now you can spend less time checking your messages, and more time playing the games you love and finishing the work you need.

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