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January Discord Update – What Were They Up To?

Happy 2018! We are one month into the year and Discord has started strong with a cool appearance at PAX South, and a new Discord update.

Discord Update for the App

The year has started with a small Discord update. For Nitro users, 4-digit number tags are now available. This enables you to be identifiable by a simple number.

They also updated the audio codec to Opus 1.2, meaning that your audio chats are going to sound way better! This is something that users want out of Discord, so it’s great to see the company responding to requests. Opus is an open-source codec, that supports bit rates up to 510 kb/s.

Additionally, those animated emojis from the last Discord update will now work on mobile.

Tons of Job Openings at Discord

Discord is hiring! These positions are based in San Francisco, so if you’re in the area, check out Discord’s job openings. At the moment, they are hiring a number of software engineers and customer support staff, as well as other roles.

PAX South Appearance

via Discord on Twitter

Discord attended PAX South 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. They made an awesome vlog about the event which you can view below. They had the biggest booth they had ever had at an event, with couches, games, merch, and more. Most importantly, they had a giant Wumpus statue for taking pictures with. Somehow, Discord has fast-forwarded to 3018. Look at them, living 1000 years in the future (using the hashtag #PAXsouth3018 everywhere). Also, we really want those light-up Discord cube seats! Where can we get some of those?

While at PAX South, Discord hosted a meetup with PlayerUnknown (yes, the PUBG guy), and out on some trivia sessions. They also gave away some things, mostly exclusive PAX t-shirts.

If you attended PAX South, let us know if you participated in any Discord events or stopped by their booth.

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