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Latest Discord Updates: December 29, 2017

Latest Discord Updates - December 29 2017

As usual, there are a few new Discord updates. There isn’t too much major going on this week as 2017 winds down, but expect a lot of cool stuff emerging in 2018. Let’s break down what’s new on Discord this week.

New Nitro Features

For those that don’t know, Nitro is Discord’s paid subscription that helps support development. These Discord updates include a couple new Nitro features. The first is animated emojis. This is a pretty small thing but can add a lot of fun to your chats. More interesting is some additional resolutions for screen sharing, including 60fps 720p and 30fps 1060p.

Welcome, Japan!

Discord also announced that Japan servers are now live. So, welcome to the Japanese audience!

Android App Updates

The Android version of Discord got a few updates, including better voice and video stability, jumping from search or pins, and support for light and dark themes.

Discord IRL

For those of you that want to rep Discord in real life, there are a number of cool clothing items or their recently re-launched merchandise store.  Expect designs as sleek as Discord itself!

No More Discord Updates for 2017

2017 is wrapping up, so don’t expect any more updates in these last couple of days. Stay tuned for new Discord updates in 2018, because we are already excited to check them out! See you in 2018!

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