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What’s the Best Discord Bot [VIDEO]

YouTube channel ThisIsntNath2 has partnered with Discover Discord and allowed us share his video about the best Discord bot. Check it out below, and then read our summary below that.


Nath has picked the bot Tatsumaki as the best Discord bot. This bot is a hobby project aimed at providing fun tools to Discord servers. And it has a lot going for it.

First, he shows off the profile command, that shows a cool graphic displaying a profile image, XP bar, credits, badges, and more. It’s very robust, and you can check up on the profiles of other server users. Through the website, you can configure your profile.

There are a ton of other useful commands, including pinging the bot, viewing the changelog, viewing user information, removing messages in the channel, banning users, getting facts about cats, and so much more. It also lets you toggle certain commands on and off. You can use it to configure welcome and goodbye messages, as well as marking which channels you want to send notifications.

The profile system adds a fun gamification to your server, and the plethora of commands lets you customize with ease.


Dyno is the second best discord bot mentioned in the video. This service also uses its website as a dashboard, and has a robust list of commands. You can set welcome and leave announcements, reminders, AFK statuses, and enable music searches. It allows for custom commands, so that you can create simple tasks with a unique command word. This ability is great to have, and allows for customization.

It comes with an automoderator feature, which can automatically delete certain words, posts with too many capital letters, posts that were sent in too quick of succession, mass mentions, and more. This makes the job of moderating that much easier, and allows for certain overarching server rules to be enforced without any human interaction or effort. This can also prevent server raids.

The main advantage of Dyno is the fact that it can be managed via their website, rather than through commands. This makes the initial setup much easier, as you can just toggle some options rather than interact through Discord commands and messages.


Overall, the choice is up to you. Both bots are great options, and there are countless other choices out there. Try out each of these bots in your server, and see if it makes your life easier! If you need to learn how to set up a Discord server in the first place, check out our basic guide here.

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