How to Set Up a Discord Server in 2 Minutes

It is insanely easy to set up a Discord server! In a matter of moments, you will be instant messaging with your friends and getting your game on.

What Purpose Does it Serve to Set Up a Discord Server?

A server can be used for a variety of reasons, but all of them make communications easier. For gamers, Discord allows for easy-to-use voice chat. The desktop app integrates well with video games, displaying which game a user is currently playing. You can make special voice channels for different games, so whether the server is just for your friends, or for a larger gaming group, it is easy to use for this purpose. A server is also extremely useful for any collaborative group. While other apps are popular for collaboration, Discord can be used for great text and voice chat. The ability to create channels for different topics ensures a clean experience.

Pretty much anyone has good reason to create a Discord server. Obviously, every gaming group should have a Discord server, but it’s also great for communities. Smaller content creators (especially gaming YouTubers!) could find that creating a private community to interact with engaged fans is extremely useful.

Step 0: Install the App and Create an Account

I call this step 0 because I’ll assume you’ve already installed Discord or realized you needed to. If you haven’t, don’t worry! Downloading the app is easy, as is creating an account. Before you know it, you’ll be on to step 1.

Step 1: Click the ‘+’ Button

set up a discord server create server

Discord makes it easy to create a new server. On the left-hand side of your Discord window, you’ll find all of the servers that you belong to, along with a big ‘+’ symbol just below them. Clicking on this symbol will prompt you to either create a server or to join a server. You read the title, so you know which one you’re choosing! Click on the ‘Create’ button, and it will take you to the next step.

Step 2: Add Server Details

set up a discord server details

Once you’ve selected to create a Discord server, you have some pretty standard details to submit. This includes coming up with a server name, uploading an icon, and confirming your region. The name can be essentially anything you want, and the server region should default to your current geographical region. The server icon is circular, so keep that in mind when uploading a photo. The minimum size is 128×128, but selecting a high-quality image never hurts. Just keep the circular crop in mind. When choosing your name and icon, make sure that they represent what the server is about, so newcomers don’t get confused and leave.

Step 3: Grow Your Community

That’s it. You just set up a Discord server! Congratulations. From here, there are a few other essential things to take care of, to make sure your Discord server lives up to its full potential. First of all, you need to populate the server with like-minded individuals who share whatever interest you intend to create a community around. Once you create the server, you will be prompted to invite your friends. Discord creates an easy link to send to friends, which will prompt them to create an account if they don’t yet have one.

While you’re at it, create some text channels and voice channels! To start with you are given the “General” channels in both categories, which are great channels for people to just chat about anything. You could add an Overwatch voice channel or a New Games text channel, so your conversations can be more focused.

If you want to be always connected, Discord has a mobile app that functions similar to the desktop app in terms of communications.


Good luck in your journey! Your server is sure to make communications easier, and it can be set up in under 2 minutes. If you have more advanced queries for how to set up a Discord server, please leave a comment or look around at our other articles. And of course, if you want some extra promotion for your server, check out our packages over at

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